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My last 6 most useful iPad Business Apps

Published on 7th December 2011

See the first 6 here | See the second 6 here. SoundNote (paid) Soundnote is a meeting recorder where you can add notes. When you take notes they are synced to the recording so when you go to a note… more »

Categories: Marketing, Social Media, Stuff

12 Simple Ways to Promote Your WordPress Blog

Published on 2nd December 2011

1. Create Great Content Obvious, yes. Hard, yes. Need inspiration?  See my guide to getting inspiration for your blog posts. But really, good content is not enough. Create and publish great content so your blog becomes an authority for your… more »

Categories: Blogs, Marketing

My top 18 iPad Apps – my next 6 and they are excellent

Published on 29th November 2011

I know it’s not been quite a week but here are my next six iPad app recommendation and there are a couple of gems in there. You can see the first six apps here and the last 6 here. Evernote… more »

Categories: Mobile, Stuff

My Top 18 Business iPad Apps

Published on 23rd November 2011

Whenever I meet a fellow iPad owner the “favourite apps” discussion happens, yes I know it’s sad. I was very sceptical about spending a chunk of money on a 3G iPad but it’s a decision I have never regretted, and… more »

Categories: Mobile, Stuff

AdWords Express – AdWords made simple for local businesses

Published on 10th November 2011

Many of my clients use AdWords to promote their businesses both locally and nationally, and in many cases I help run their campaigns for them.  This is mainly because setting up and using AdWords is daunting requiring much more than… more »

Categories: AdWords, Google

Google+ Pages for Businesses have arrived, find out how to set your own page up.

Published on 8th November 2011

Yesterday Google announced the launch of Google+ Pages so we can finally setup a Google+ business page, but how do you go about it? It’s actually surprisingly simple and very similar to setting up your Google+ personal profile. Incidentally if you’ve not already… more »

Categories: Google, Local Marketing, Social Media

An unhealthy obsession with finding the perfect laptop bag

Published on 2nd November 2011

The ladies have their shoes and handbags but for me it’s always been watches and briefcases, now laptop bags of course. Having several watches is fine but having more than one laptop bag is just not practical so it’s very… more »

Categories: Stuff

At last LinkedIn announce “Status Updates” for your company page. Here’s how to set it up.

Published on 25th October 2011

Today LinkedIn have announced a long overdue feature called “Status Updates“. If you have a company page you might have received a notification email this morning. Basically Status Updates allow you to send out news, events, offers, or anything else… more »

Categories: Marketing, Social Media

Free advertising and building credibility with email signatures

Published on 18th October 2011

I often get emails from people who have poor email presentation. I’ve been asked for advice in this area many time so I thought it was about time I put together a check list for business email response and signature… more »

Categories: Email, Online Reputation

Emailing from your mobile? Beware the pitfalls

Published on 12th October 2011

Has anyone else noticed that when people respond to an email on their mobile a couple of things often happen; Firstly they don’t read your complete email, screens are small and time is short. Secondly the reply often makes no… more »

Categories: Email, Mobile

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