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Google Business Photos. The next big thing from Google for your business

Published on 3rd May 2012

I am sure you’re all familiar with Google Maps and you’ve probably played with the Street View option as it’s truly spectacular (assuming you ignore the privacy issues). Now there’s a new service Google are launching and it’s called Business Photos. Think… more »

Categories: Google, Marketing

Rescued by the Anstruther Lifeboat

Published on 25th April 2012

An enormous thank you to the team at the Anstruther Lifeboat Station and the crew of the Anstruther lifeboat. Photos and videos are at the end of this post. Please make a donation to RNLI by clicking this link . I recently purchased a… more »

Categories: Stuff

End Your Struggle to Build Traffic with Quality Content, my Top 4 Tips

Published on 19th April 2012

Your content, whether it’s text, video or audio, is the foundation of any web property. After years of creating websites and building traffic to them, I’ve seen the difference great quality content makes over superficial, keyword-stuffed fluff. It’s the difference… more »

Categories: Content

Customer service was important before the internet but now it really is life and death

Published on 8th April 2012

In the old days, well just 15 years ago actually, if as a business you alienated a customer the damage was limited to their social and business circle. Now in 2012 one person can talk to millions and customer service has never… more »

Categories: Marketing, Online Reputation

A Cure for Writers Block

Published on 4th April 2012

So you want to get more authority in your industry and you’ve been advised that writing a good blog is the way to go (good advice by the way!). Is your first thought “Me! Write an article! I haven’t written… more »

Categories: Blogs

Are you using premium rate phone numbers?

Published on 27th March 2012

I know this isn’t strictly internet marketing but it’s very relevant to customer service and I need to get this off my chest. I’m talking to anyone who charges me for the privilege of calling you. I spend my live advising clients… more »

Categories: Local Marketing, Online Reputation, Stuff

Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics

Published on 21st March 2012

If I had a pound…  How can I measure my social engagement without spending a fortune on a dedicated package. Well Google now has an answer. I won’t repeat the post here but if this is of interest to your… more »

Categories: Google, Social Media

How not to be penalised by Google for “over optimisation”

Published on 18th March 2012

Optimising your site to rank for the keyword phrases you’ve decided will achieve the goals you’ve set for your site is critical for your success. OK that’s an obvious statement but… In a recent interview Matt Cutts at Google pre… more »

Categories: Google

RSS Feeds on your PC

Published on 8th February 2012

I’m assuming you already know what an RSS feed is and want to find a better way to utilise them. In a previous post I’ve covered how to follow someone’s blog from mobile devices and Google Reader, but if you… more »

Categories: Stuff

Creating your LinkedIn Company Page

Published on 23rd January 2012

It’s easy and free, and offers great search engine benefits, as well as LinkedIn’s own search engine. If you’ve not already got a LinkedIn company page then now’s the time… Firstly you need to consider the keyword phrases your clients… more »

Categories: Marketing, Social Media

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