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David Cameron beat me to it. Did you get a letter about the £2000 Employment Allowance?

Published on 8th April 2014

Announced in the 2013 budget was an employment allowance up to £2000 for small businesses that have employees. I’ve spoken to many clients about this and it seems to have slipped under the radar. I’ve been meaning to post about… more »

Pay per Click Advertising, 5 reasons you should seriously consider using PPC

Published on 4th February 2014

Getting noticed on Google and other search engines can be hard, especially if you’re a new business or have a new web site. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is a fast way to get in front of potential clients and… more »

A new book from WSI – Digital Minds

Published on 6th September 2013

WSI have launched their first book aimed at anyone who has an interest in getting their business a higher profile online. Currently it’s FREE so go to Amazon now to download your copy, but be VERY quick as it won’t be free… more »

Google Display Advertising, is it for you?

Published on 24th July 2013

Display advertising is the internet equivalent of banners or billboards. You will see them within web sites in many different location on the page but basically creating them is very simple. In Google AdWords create your display advertisement. Make sure it’s eye… more »

5 tips to get more conversions from your web site through better landing pages

Published on 22nd May 2013

We are often too focused on getting more traffic to our web site and forget about how we convert this traffic after we’ve attracted it. Landing pages are a very important part of your online marketing, especially if you are using AdWords or other… more »

Top tips to help you get the most from Google AdWords (2 min video)

Published on 17th April 2013

Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is incredibly effective when done well, but it can be a black hole for money if done poorly. Making the best use of your advertising budget does require you to learn a little… more »

Are you using Google AdWords? Google requires a privacy policy, here’s a reminder on what to do.

Published on 17th December 2011

A short public information reminder announcement about AdWords To inform and protect a user’s information, Google some months ago enforced a new policy to all websites advertising with them. All pages on a website collecting personal and financial information via a form… more »

AdWords Express – AdWords made simple for local businesses

Published on 10th November 2011

Many of my clients use AdWords to promote their businesses both locally and nationally, and in many cases I help run their campaigns for them.  This is mainly because setting up and using AdWords is daunting requiring much more than… more »

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